Tidlos Craft had the pleasure to invite Trish from @watch_girl_life from Australia to share with us her amazing stories traveling all over the world, passions for photography, watch collecting, and many more!

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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


TC: It’s a great pleasure to connect with you @watch_girl_life.

@watch_girl_life: thank you guys, it’s the first time I’m doing such an interview and I'm really glad to connect with you.


TC: Where are you from and where have you spent time?

@watch_girl_life: I was born in Sydney, Australia, and currently live here. In my early 20’s, I lived in the UK, in  West Sussex for two years but also in Scotland. When I was 24 I caught the travel bug, together with a friend we turned an ambulance into a camper van and traveled around. I also spent some time in the US traveling from coast to coast. I have also traveled to Canada and Alaska. My highlight was driving dogsleds through the snow on top of Norris Glacier. I have been very blessed to have been traveling a bit and seeing other perspectives in life.


TC: Where is your family originally from?

@watch_girl_life: My family is fully Australian. My ancestors however came from Ireland and Wales.


TC: What work are you involved in and what do you enjoy about it?

@watch_girl_life: I’m working in IT and have been with the same company for 25 years. I must say I have been quite lucky to have found a great company and have worked for them for such a long time.


I’m a very technical person and love technology. I enjoy taking a problem and improving it. I visualize what it should look like in my mind and work around it. I focus on the end game and go back from that.


TC: How did your interest in photography develop and how did you get so professional and creative?

@watch_girl_life: Thank you very much. I love photography. I used to run a wedding photography business. I never took professional classes but quickly developed a passion for them. Unfortunately, we then had to close it down. However, I still do a bit of photography on the side of my family.


This passion I can however still express with my watch photography. One thing I love about watches is, they never argue – brides do (haha). I get a lot of inspiration from many IG accounts. I don’t try to copy but put my own spin on it and always look for my own theme.  I like telling a story with a photo of a watch. For example, by putting it on a map I’d like to capture the feeling of what it might explore today. I like deep photos, where there is a lot of depth and where your eyes are drawn to the watch.


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Wedding Photography by @watch_girl_life


TC: How did you start your watch journey?

@watch_girl_life: I have been obsessed with watches since I’m a kid. My dad already had an obsession with watches. I would say it runs in the family. 


TC: What was your first watch and what meaning do watches have?

@watch_girl_life: My first watch was a Seiko, I received it for my 12th Birthday. Watches have a great meaning for me and I tend to also pass my collection on. I’m very close to my sibling's children. In a way, I also collect to pass them later on to them so that they have something special to hold on to.



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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


TC: Which watches hold special meaning to you and why?

@watch_girl_life: My Rolex Oyster Perpetual holds special meaning as it connects me to a great friend and the wonderful memories we collected due to our mutual passion for watch collecting.


Another piece would be a Rolex Explorer which I bought as a celebration for myself for 25 years working in my company. It’s an amazing watch, with great movement. It has gold and stainless steel.


Additionally, it would be a Seiko 1965, which my grandfather owned and which my dad recently gave to me. He was part of the Australian Olympics Team and starter during the 400-meter race. We assume my grandfather bought the watch when I was born. 


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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life



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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


TC: What brands are you drawn to?

@watch_girl_life: I love Tudor and Omega, apart from Snoopy. What I like about Omega is that you can go to a store and buy one. You can’t do that these days with Rolex or Patek Philippe. Concerning Tudor, I feel you get great quality for the price. I own 3 Black Bays. You can put on a Tudor and it fits. They look great with clothes, no matter how you wear them. With Tudor/Omega there is no stigma, with Rolex someone could often be seen as a snob. 


I’m into blue dial watches and also like Chronographs as I like pushing buttons (haha).


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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


TC: Which watch do you wear the most?

@watch_girl_life:  I mostly wear my Omega Speedmaster in white. I sometimes wear my Tudor in Gold but typically wear my Oyster Perpetual, a black watch that is more low-key.


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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


TC: Is there a holy grail watch, one that you aspire to own someday?

@watch_girl_life: There would be two grails. One is the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso with the moon phase. And the other one would be a white Rolex Daytona Panda.


TC: What are your plans with your collection?

@watch_girl_life: I wouldn’t consider myself a collector, more like an enthusiast with a passion. If it resonates with me I buy it. I’d like to say that I’m done, but I feel like you never are. What I own now makes me happy and content.


TC: Are you interested in Microbrands?

@watch_girl_life: Yes I do, I recently bought a watch from a brand called Brew. Maybe I’m drawn to it as I also love coffee. I like their design, they are not your mainstream shape, having points of difference. 


I also like Smiths from Britain. It has a connection with Mount Everest. I had an obsession with Mount Everest, I always dreamed of going to Base Camp. Their watches have a simplistic look. I like their tone and vintage look and love how they sit on your wrist. 


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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


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Photo Courtesy of @watch_girl_life


TC: What news outlets do you follow to learn more about watches?

@watch_girl_life: I listen to youtube and various podcasts. For example, the OT Podcast by Andy Green and Felix Scholz, based in Melbourne is fantastic. Another one would be Ten and Two. They don’t take watches too seriously and talk about watches from a female perspective. I also like Scottish Watches.


OT Podcast https://www.otpodcast.com.au/

Ten and Two https://tennandtwo.com/category/podcasts/

Scottish Watches http://www.scottishwatches.co.uk/category/podcast/ 


TC: Do you connect with the watch community in Sydney?

@watch_girl_life: I enjoy connecting with the watch community on Instagram. However, I did not yet get a chance to go to meetups as I live on the outskirts of Sydney. And now with Covid, there were no opportunities yet.


TC: How do you look at the Australian market today?

@watch_girl_life: In Australia, it is very difficult to acquire great watches. I wish Australia would have better relationships with Switzerland and obtain more supplies (haha). I feel the watch market here needs a bit of a shake-up. I’m a very passionate Australian. My challenge is to understand how Australia is connected to the Watch Industry back in Europe. I’d like to understand that.


TC: What is your philosophy when collecting watches?

@watch_girl_life: Buy what I like and not what everyone else tells you to. Too many people buy what other people think would be popular. You really need to have your hands on a watch to really feel it. Watches have a personal connection with me and my life. And I plan to pass on those stories. Also only buy if you can afford it. Don’t go into debt to buy a watch.


TC: What advice would you give younger people who want to start collecting?

@watch_girl_life: You don’t need to start with a 20,000 USD Rolex. You don’t need to keep up with the Jones. Look at Seiko, there are so many cool watches with the brand. I have owned a Seiko for 40 years now and it still works.


Dive into the watch scene because you really like the hobby. I think you really know if someone is into the watch hobby if they start with low-priced watches.


TC: Thank you Tish for spending time with us today.

@watch_girl_life: Thank you Tidlos Craft.